About Me

I could be extremely focused, whenever I am challenged. I sometimes drive my wife crazy. My children used to fear me, but now they barely listen to what I have to say and simply find me tolerable. I’ve mellowed with age.


I was born in 1930. My parents came from Japan. I stand 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 165 pounds. My once black hair has now, for the most part, turned gray. I wear metal rimmed glasses and am hard of hearing, which is why I speak loudly to be heard. I dress casually, usually khaki pants, a polo shirt, and New Balance tennis shoes. I am suntanned with leathery skin. My finger nails are always clipped short, my toe nails are not, since they are hard to reach. I drink cheap wine from Costco, usually Chardonnay. I love Japanese and Chinese food and green tea. I cannot go a day without eating rice.